What We Can Do Together

Calder sculpture in Grand Rapdis

Responsive Web Design

HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript2017, PNG, SVG

Tour Eiffel en bleu

Web Application Development

Progressive Web App development

Vestuerland, Iceland

API Development

RESTful API Development and Documention w/OpenAPI

The Ring Road 1 in Iceland

Digital Cartography

Map design and geolocation data services using Mapbox, Open Street Maps and GeoJSON.

New York tenement building


HTTP/2 protocol + Strong Cipher TLS encryption

Field Notes notebook

Web Content Management Systems

CMS configuration, deployment + training.

light shadow

Faceted Search

Faceted Search UI Design and NoSQL indexing (Apache SOLR/Java Velocity/node.js/json)

pen on table

Taxonomy + Information Architecture

Data structures, metadata and custom taxonimies

Nyhavn, København

InDesign Document Styling

Layout design and interactive publishing.

me, a developer
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